MoEF issued Final Notification Demarcating ESZ around Okhla Bird Sanctuary

  • Final notification demarcating the Eco Sensitive Zone (ESZ) around Okhla Bird Sanctuary issued after clearance from National Board for Wild Life.
  • ESZ to constitute an area up to 100 metres from the eastern, western and southern boundaries of the sanctuary.
  • In the northern boundary, the ESZ would expand up to 1.27 KM from the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.


  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary is at the Okhla barrage over the Yamuna River situated in Noida. It is a haven for about 300 bird species, particularly water birds.
  • In 1990, an area of 3.5 on the river Yamuna was designated as a bird sanctuary by the Govt. of UP under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.
  • On February 9th, 2011 the MoEF notified new guidelines for creation and declaration of ESZs around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.
  • The basic aim of the ESZ is to regulate certain activities around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries so as to minimize the negative impacts of such activities on the fragile ecosystem encompassing the protected areas.

News item compiled by Adarsh Mohandas


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