‘Tiny bit’ found in India

  • A unique flying insect, a fairyfly named Kikiki huna has been found in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.
  • Entomoligists laid insect traps few months ago in Yercaud and the insect has been found in Chidambaram too.
  • With this discovery, India joins a club of countries that are home to the unique insect.


  • Kikiki was first discovered in Trinidad around 20 years ago and later in Hawaii. It has also been found in Australia and Argentina.
  • The insect measures about 0.16 mm and is the world’s smallest flying insect.
  • It is a multi-cellular organism which is smaller than single-celled organisms.
  • The Kikiki huna derives its name from Hawaiian which means ‘tiny bit’.

News item compiled by Adarsh Mohandas


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