Walter Palmer, the lion killer seen in public light after a month

  • Walter Palmer, killer of Cecil the lion has appeared in public glare for the first time since the incident on 1st July.
  • Walter Palmer, an American dentist has been accused of killing Zimbabwe’s treasured animal, a lion by name Cecil, by shooting it with a bow and arrow.
  • He is said to have paid the hunter £35,000 to kill the lion with a bow and arrow. Zimbabwe currently allows lion hunting using bow and arrow. However, this is subject to many restrictions and is permitted only on fulfilment of certain specific conditions.


  • The incident provoked a huge uproar and vehement protests in light of the death of Zimbabwe’s beloved and treasured animal.
  • Cecil, a 13 year old lion lived in the Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe and had a radio collar tied to it as part of a research undertaken by Oxford University. Palmer is said to have lured the animal outside the National Park to kill it.
  • Walter Palmer is said to have undertaken many hunting expeditions in the past and was once penalised for killing a bear in his own country, outside the permitted hunting area.
  • The professional hunter, Theo Bronkhorst has been charged for carrying out the hunting. On the other hand, Zimbabwe is trying to get Palmer extradited to prosecute him in their courts.

News Item Compiled by Manasa B. H.


1 thought on “Walter Palmer, the lion killer seen in public light after a month

  1. Once again Americans are at the forefront of their world-class
    hypocritical double standards. A nation that has dubious credentials
    when it comes to gun laws and lets a ” murderer” like Walter J Palmer
    move around freely has no right to pontificate on species conservation
    to the rest of the world. American trophy hunters and their sick
    mindsets are the reason why an iconic creature like the majestic Lion
    is in the red zone. This is a diseased country which doesn’t abide by
    any global rules and be it global warming or any other pivotal issue
    decides to make it a my way or the highway kind of a scenario.
    Hollywood makes all sorts of movies that show animals as fun loving
    amicable beings and the macabre reality is clouded and shut off by
    such heart-warming melodramatic stuffing. Let the U.S of A atone
    sufficiently and publicly for the death of Cecil and many of his
    fellow comrades. It would seem the whole nation has to be deemed as a
    giant “correction facility” and the nation’s collective schizophrenia
    when it comes to their own “bloody” sins across the seas is appalling.

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