High Court seeks response on Resident’s rehab plea in the Kishenganga Hydroelectric Power Project

  • Notice was issued to National Hydro Electronic Power Corporation and State Government by the J&K High Court for a response on the petition seeking directions for rehabilitation of the families affected by the Kishenganga Hydroelectric Power Project in Bandipora in accordance with the NRRP, 2007.
  • This direction was passed by a single judge bench consisting of Muzaffar Hussain Attar, J.
  • The pleadings by the petitioners dealt with the aspect of displacement of people, loss of agricultural land, loss of
    livelihood, loss of customs and usages of the displaced tribal people besides issue of environmental degradation.
  • They further submitted that the Hydroelectric project would have adverse impact on the environment and shall cause loss of numerous varieties of medicinal/ plantation which is specific to the said area only.



  • This project was started in 2009 at Bandipora.
  • Once the project is completed, it is slated to generate 330 MW of electricity by utilizing the waters of Kishenganga diverted through the 23 km long tunnel from Gurez to the village of petitioners.
  • From here the water for the generation of electricity shall go to the Wular lake.

News Item compiled by Almas Shaikh

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