Pope Francis to be the messenger in the Battle against Global Warming

  • Pope Francis is set to address the US Congress in a joint session on 24th September, 2015 on the imminent issues of tackling climate change.
  • He called for people to pay attention to the harmful effects of excessive and abusive use of natural resources that God provided in his encyclical titled “On Care for Our Common Home”
  • Although there has been mostly positive reception of the book, it has also been criticized by climate change skeptics who believe he should just focus on religious matters.
  • Despite all this, Pope Francis considers the US as a primary producer and consumer of the Earth’s Natural resources, to become a role model to other nations in protecting the environment.



  • This is not the first time that climate change has taken a religious color.
  • Similar calls to protect the environment and to prevent global warming was made by heads of other religions including Muslim
    and Jewish leaders.

News Item compiled by Almas Shaikh

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1 thought on “Pope Francis to be the messenger in the Battle against Global Warming

  1. The good man Pope has intervened at the right time but left a
    thorny issue adrift. Birth control is as vital as culling avarice and
    halting environmental degradation. The greed of a few and the needs of
    too many both damage the planet. Finger pointing is futile and
    obfuscates the clear and present danger.The socialist moorings and
    demographic constraints will ensure the percolation of maximum
    benefits for a fatter middle class. This would mean a faster and more
    rapid destruction of the natural world. Moreover the joy over
    declining birth rate is hardly a matter to rejoice.With all the other
    problems we have it is flabbergasting that governments all over do not
    address the “elephantine” problem.All talk of vertical
    farming,affordable housing,employment generation schemes and universal
    education will forever fall short of the finish line if the “core”
    issue is not tackled head on.

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