Climate Change Targets to be unveiled on October 1st

Climate Change Performance Index
  • India’s nationally determined contributions to mitigate climate change are likely to be unveiled on October 1 and will promote renewable energy, enhanced energy efficiency, less carbon intensive urban centres, green transport and abatement of pollution.
  • India’s strategy ahead of the climate summit in Paris in December will be firmly anchored in the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities” and will clearly project India’s financial, technology transfer and capacity building requirements.
  • The Indian plan will seek a connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s ideal of sustainable and equitable lifestyles. It believes that while poverty is a big polluter, profligate consumption is a grave threat to the environment.


  • India is under pressure to do more to control warming as a large and rapidly developing nation. On its part, India has said that its per capita carbon imprint cannot be compared to nations like China which is the world’s largest manufacturer and emitter of greenhouse gases.
  • The government is looking to address contributions that include adaptation, mitigation, finance, technology transfer, capacity building and balances the need for reducing pollution and GHGs while catering to the growth needs of a large population.
  • Environment and forests minister Prakash Javadekar has stressed that India’s right to grow cannot be curtailed even as it undertakes serious initiatives to reduce its carbon dioxide production. “In fact, the more developed countries should vacate carbon space for countries like India,” he has said. This is a clear continuation of India’s strong stance against the developed countries to take responsibility.

News Item Compiled by Girish Deepak

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1 thought on “Climate Change Targets to be unveiled on October 1st

  1. Is it time for us to formally launch a Green party like in Europe
    and other countries ? Organizations like Greenpeace,PeTA,WWF and other
    like-minded ones can join hands to save our greenery for our
    posterity. Eventually this will be India’s one and only truly secular
    and all other “goody” attributes filled party which can fight across
    the board without any baggage. It is also time for India to formally
    announce COP targets too and stop acting like a brat citing past
    emissions of the west and all. Keeping our high standing in the
    international community as a consensus builder and a nation above the
    rest in mind it is time we took a nuanced stand. The bravado must be
    exhibited in tackling issues like terrorism and not when it comes to
    our very own flora and fauna. If the smog of Delhi, the filth of
    Bengaluru,the squalor of Mumbai and the deplorable environment of the
    whole nation are not sufficient indicators then even the almighty
    cannot save us !

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