Volkswagen Scandal on Fooling Pollution Checkers

  • Judging by VW’s own recent admission, we’re looking at 11 million cars on the road that have the cheating equipment installed.
  • Affected VW vehicles are putting out up to 40 times as much nitrogen oxide (NOx) as they’re supposed to, according to the EPA. While that’s likely a pretty high estimate, it’s still a very big deal.
  • VW cars at the center of the controversy are equipped with special technology – technology that’s since been implemented in dozens of other small diesel vehicles – that can supposedly slash how much NOx its diesel-powered vehicles put out.
  • This is only the tip of the iceberg as this has so far only been detected in the US context. The United Kingdom and the rest of Europe have far more Volkswagen cars which could possibly show a massive scale of pollution control violations.



  • NOx is a nasty pollutant that, in addition to occasionally contributing to a warmer planet, can exacerbate dozens of health conditions, from asthma and bronchitis to emphysema.
  • In VW’s case, they tampered with the equipment so that it would turn on only when it was being tested – and turn off the rest of the time.

News Item Compiled by Girish Deepak

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1 thought on “Volkswagen Scandal on Fooling Pollution Checkers

  1. And there goes our “fine” German engineering. Categorically speaking if you dig just a bit you’ll find worms,maggots slowly trickling out and then skeletons which need carbon dating will emerge food,Eco friendly practices,green buildings, rain water harvesting too…all modern balderdash to conceal how well we are ruining the environment.our ostrich in the sand attitude won’t just spell our doom,we will be forced to go in for sudden drastic sacrifices that will threaten our way of life.i recommend this book daniel goleman’s ecological inteliigence.very “enlightening” and powerful in it’s own way.
    There is nothing called sustainable practices it seems.we either save nature or muck it up slowly and suck up whatever is dished out deservingly in return. the doomsday is here not because of gays or god’s wrath it’s because we chose to act stupid.

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