California passes law banning micro-beads to protect marine life

  • Microbeads, or the tiny plastic beads found in personal care products such as soap, toothpaste and body washes have been banned by California.
  • The State proposes to phase them out by 2020.
  • The beads are so small that they permeate filters and enter the bodies of fish and other marine wildlife, causing substantial damage.


  • The State has attempted to pass this law before, but met with widespread opposition from personal care companies.
  • The move has been heralded by several environmental protection groups as a necessary measure that has finally reached fruition.
  • This is one of several bills recently signed by the Governor of California, apart from three oil protection bills and an aggressive climate change legislation requiring California to get half of its electricity from renewable sources, to double the State’s energy efficiency.

News Item Compiled by Krittika Chavaly


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