Indian Government takes lessons from the EU on preserving water

  • With scarcity of water becoming a vital issue of concern, Indian Government is planning to bring forth a new draft National Water Framework Bill, along the lines of a similar one in force in Europe passed by the European Water Framework Directive that governs water resources in 28 member countries of the EU.
  • At present the only legislations on water in India are the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and the rules framed under the Environment Protection Act, 1986. However both these legislations effectively deal with control of pollution of water resources. Hence, the government felt the need to frame a comprehensive law on preserving the resource of water.
  • Water as a subject is currently placed in the State List of Schedule VII to the Constitution of India. If enacted, it will serve as a model for prospective legislations at the state level.


  • The EU Water Framework Directive has been in force for 15 years that governs its water resources in 28 member countries. It monitors water management at the river basin and integrated cross border levels.
  • Indian Government expressed confidence that emulating such a model would help control the acute scarcity of water faced in our country.

News Item Compiled by Manasa B. H.


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