Delhi’s Odd Even Vehicle Policy to tackle rising pollution in the capital

  • The ruling AAP Govt. plans to tackle the rising concerns on air pollution in the capital through an alternate day vehicle usage policy on a trial basis for 15 days starting January 1, 2016.
  • This policy is based on the Beijing Model of vehicle restriction in which private vehicles, including both two wheelers and four wheelers, are to be used only on designated days. The policy in the initial stages is to work on an odd date – odd number car and even date – even number car rule.
  • This policy is however restricted only to private vehicles and shall not extend to commercial vehicles and public transport vehicles such as buses etc. This policy is also touted to apply to all vehicles entering the Delhi region regardless of vehicle registration.
  • It is facing heavy public flak from Delhi residents due to the lack of functionality of the proposal due to the lack of other means of travel for office – goers with the Metro already packed to the brim and a shortage of DTC buses. This has also resulted in the filing of a PIL in the Delhi High Court against the policy with a scheduled hearing on Dec 9th, 2015.


  • This proposal has come in light of the rise in public concern over the issue of air pollution plaguing the capital, with the Delhi High Court calling the capital a “Gas Chamber”.
  • Several studies also show that the pollution levels are the worst ever in Delhi and that it is even worse than the pollution level in Beijing which recently declared the first ever red alert on air pollution and shut down all government offices, schools etc.

News Item Compiled by Girish Deepak


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