Tamil Nadu Flood rampant in Chennai, Puducherry and Cuddalore.

  • Extreme rain and release of water from nearby dams, floods several districts of Tamil Nadu, leaving people hapless with water going above ground floor level in certain areas bringing the major city to an absolute standstill.
  • The floods are a result of the extreme rain, unprecedented in the previous century that has continued in the region.
  • Rescue operations are still going on with no reliable estimates yet on the damage and loss of life and livelihood of the people of Chennai. The Indian Navy, Army and several NGOs along with the general populace have shown great resilience in going through with this disaster. Help from both Centre and State Govt has eased the pressure with provision of basic amenities being targeted to the stranded families.


  • There is a rising need for early warning systems and other means of providing immediate relief to stranded families. This disaster could have been avoided to a large extent through proper management and tracking of climate changes along with provision of water management and drainage systems.
  • The efforts are still going on and it is probably not right to begin the blame game, however, this has clearly shown the lack of foresight in the regulating authorities and a need to improve upon the same.
  • The repercussions of the floods are yet to completely be felt as there is a growing fear of disease and spread of water borne epidemics such as jaundice and dengue. The economic recovery of the city is estimated to take upto 3-4 years.

News Item Compiled by Girish Deepak



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