Pika , a relative of rabbit and hare discovered in Sikkim


  • A new species of Pika called ochotona sikimaria, which belongs to the rabbit and hare family has been discovered by scientists from Bengaluru’s National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS)
  • They collected faecal pellets and tissue samples of what they thought as Asian Pika and found it to be quite distinct from other species.
  • They live in mountainous or temperate regions
    Image result for ochotona sikimaria
    Courtesy: Prasenjeet Yadav



  • They are keystone species meaning they determine the ability of various species to survive in the ecosystem
  • They do not hibernate like other animals in winter but they collect food in winter.
  • They are also engineers of the ecosystem.


The Hindu, India Today

News item compiled by Poorthi Balakrishnan & Shiren Panjolia


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