Need for action to protect ‘The Lungs of the Sea’


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Courtesy: BBC


  • Lately, more than 100 scientists from 28 countries of the world have called for global action to protect the seagrass meadows.
  • This particular call for action is being led by Dr. Richard Unsworth of Swansea University.
  • In a recent statement the scientists said that the seagrass meadows are important fish nurseries and key fishing grounds in the world.
  • They continued that the loss of seagrass  puts the livelihood of hundreds of millions of people at risk and exposes many of them to increasing levels of poverty.
  • As of now, there is no international legislation for the protection of seagrass, therefore protection typically happens at a local or regional level.


  • Seagrass is known as the ‘lungs of the sea’ because it has the ability to generate oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Seagrass is generally found in shallow waters of coastal regions on every continent except Antarctica. Now a days, its growth is declining globally at a rate of about two percent a year because of pollution and human disturbances.


News item compiled by Ayushi Singh


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