At UN Conference, countries adopt Cancun Declaration to protect world’s biodiversity


  • On 3rd December 2016, more than 190 countries at a major United Nations Conference in Mexico adopted the Cancun Declaration.
  • Through this they have pledged to step up efforts to integrate biodiversity into the policies of their forestry, fisheries, tourism and agricultural sectors.
  • Cancun Declaration is named after the Mexican city where the 13th meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is being held.
  • This Declaration is the recognition from the international community that biodiversity protection must involve different governmental and economic sectors and not just environment ministries.
  • In addition to the Cancun Declaration, various countries announced their own commitments to accelerate actions to meet the Targets’ deadline in less than 4 years.


  • This Declaration is a result of roundtables participated by countries in the two-day High-Level Segment of the  COP13, discussing how the fisheries, tourism, forestry and agricultural sectors can take biodiversity into account and how they can contribute to its protection and conservation.
  • During the COP13 High-level Segment, there was also a Business Forum, in which 113 companies made a collective commitment to take biodiversity considerations into account in their decision making and invest in biodiversity protection.

– News Item compiled by Ajiz M K


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