Vaquita Marina on the verge of extinction, only 30 left in number


  • World’s smallest porpoise, Mexico’s Vaquita Marina is close to extinction as warned by scientists lately.
  • The International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA) reported that the situation has worsened despite all the conservation measures and the current enforcement efforts.
  • The scientists also stated that unless the current gill net ban is maintained and effectively enforced, the porpoise is likely to decline to extinction by 2022.
  • In a possibly last effort to save the Vaquitas, scientists are planning to get the government approval and capture Vaquita specimens and put them in an enclosure in the Gulf of California so that they can reproduce.
Image result for vaquita marina
Courtesy: Greenpeace


  • The tiny Vaquita Porpoise is found only in the shallow waters of Gulf of California.
  • Vaquita Porpoise which means the ‘little cow’ is the most endangered of the 128 marine mammals alive in the world.
  • In response to this, a number of steps have been taken and are being taken by the Mexican Government.



 – News post compiled by Ayushi Singh


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