ELSJ Editorial Board 2015 – 2016


An internship with an NGO that deals with tribal rights and implementation of forest rights act evinced Manasa’s interest in environmental issues. She has keen interest in things ranging from indiscriminate whale hunting to climate change and depleting forest cover. Nature has always been close to her heart and she sincerely hopes for a greener future.

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Almas is an ardent environmentalist with a weird, quirky sense of humour. She is an observer, a writer, a cynic, an optimist – basically a bunch of contradictions wrapped up in one person. Being part of the editorial board is her way to give back to mother nature.


Apoorv is a fourth year student of The National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. He believes that we owe a debt to our mother nature. Associating with CEL is his way of paying back to nature.


Girish is primarily a football fanatic and has pursued the same since his schooldays. Being an avid trekker, he also enjoys travelling to more inaccessible destinations to witness nature without human influence.


Primarily a lawyer-in-training, Devika is equally passionate about baking and devouring her own creations. She also indulges in (a lot) of day dreaming and loves a lazy afternoon curled up with a book. She is excited to be a part of this year’s Editorial Board and eagerly looks forward to bringing out the latest edition of the ELSJ.


Krittika has been studying the law for the last two and a half years as her primary pursuit. On the side, she cares deeply about the environment, particularly for the cause of animals, literature and writing. Having been on the Editorial Board of the ELSJ for the previous year as well, she is delighted to spend another year editing, a job which she thoroughly enjoys. In her spare time, you may find her consuming copious amounts of brownies (eggless, of course) and Floyd (Pink, of course).


Atishya Kumar is a fifth semester student of NUALS, Kochi. She is passionate about environmental and ecological issues plaguing the human race today. One of her main concerns is regarding waste, its proper disposal and the affect it has on the planet. She sees the journal as a method of spreading awareness and showing people the growing nexus between law and environment.


Adarsh is an ardent animal enthusiast besides an environmentalist promoting sustainable ways of living. He loves reading up on current issues often getting into trouble having heated political debates with friends and procrastinating on his academic and moot work. He hopes the Journal and blog serves its readers well…. Happy reading!!!

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Apart from being a law student Kenneth is a webdesigner and loves being creatively engaged. He is a nature lover and runs a NGO to spread environmental awareness. He also volunteers with other organisations committed to the pursuit of social welfare, change and justice. As the student coordinator of the Centre for Environment and Law, he has a keen interest in research and publishing activities of the centre.


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